Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Behind every successful business venture is a dream, a dream to think big and powerful. Something similar happened when Paul Basil, a Mechanical engineer and Management Degree holder from the Indian Institute of Forest Management Bhopal, dreamt of improving the quality of lives of rural poor, empowering villagers with resources and putting a smile into every face in Rural India.
His dream led to the formation of Villgro in the year 2001 to transform lives in Rural India through innovations. Paul having worked at Kerala Horticulture knew exactly the importance of translating ideas into possible actions. 

Villgro with its unique and extremely well organized network of Investors, Technical Experts, Domain Specialists, Mentors and Marketers provides everything needed by an innovator, thus unleashing the best chance of an idea being getting implemented. 

Villgro commercializes rural innovation, thus creating a multitude of micro-enterprises, which in turn generates a veritable cycle of wealth creation on an unimaginable scale. Villgro have so far identified and activated close to 2000 social innovators and impacted more than 360,000 rural lives. 

Recognizing Paul Basil contributions to the field of social entrepreneurship, The Ashoka Foundation conferred him with its prestigious Ashoka Fellowship in the year 2002. 

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