Sunday, June 5, 2011

Husk Power System

Something spectacular happened on the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence in a remote and run-down village of Tamkuha in the infamous Dhanaha region of West Champaran district in the state of Bihar which experienced electricity for the first time. The work was done under the banner of Samta Samriddhi Foundation, an NGO setup by Gyanesh Pandey and Ratnesh Yadav in Bihar.

Gyanesh Pandey and Ratnesh Yadev, both native of Bihar and budding entrepreneurs saw opportunity in Rural Electrification. The conventional technologies and grids have failed to deliver and the pervasive energy starvation in the country is a rather known reality. The only solution left was to think out of the box for some non-conventional means of power generation which in any-case had to be affordable to the masses.
The answer they came out with was Rice Husk, the only Bio-waste in the lives of rural folks. 

Meeting out intelligently and courageously with initial technical problems the duo with much appreciation from Mr. S.K. Singh, a scientist with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, undertook the revolutionary task of shifting the paradigm in the rural as well as renewable energy space.

And, thus Husk Power System was born. 


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