Friday, June 3, 2011

Rajiv Jayaraman


Rajiv Jayaraman is the founder and CEO of Knolskape. A BITS Pilani graduate is among the new breed of Indian entrepreneurs. Having worked with Oracle and INSEAD as a management trainee provided him the expertise and exposure to run his own business.

His dream of creating jobs and not looking for one came true in the year 2008 when the flexibility and easiness in norms allured Rajiv to open a technology oriented venture in Singapore. By 2009, his venture had an Indian arm seeing the boom in Indian Education Industry. 

His company Knolskape offers simulated learning products which help students and managers pursue excellence by offering them four building blocks: Knowledge, skills, action learning and integration. Knolskape also plans to foray into vocational training programmes in India, for which it hopes to partner with government institutes

Three year old Knolskape has already started turning in profits. The company has revenues of 2.5 crore and expects to double it to 5 crore in the coming year. Jayaraman says Knolskape's profit will also increase from 1.25 crore to about 3 crore in the same period.  

Journalists: R. Priyanka ; S. Rachit
For Further Insight: Knolskape


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