Friday, September 9, 2011

The Media and Democracy Coalition

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The Media and Democracy Coalition is a collaboration of over two dozen local and national organizations committed to promoting open and equal access to a democratic media system that serves the public interest.

Their current priorities includes opening the media system to all perspectives and competing voices by promoting diversity of ownership and content, while stopping media consolidation and monopoly control of the public airwaves and bridging the digital divide by guaranteeing that Internet access is fast, affordable, and accessible to all, and promoting public efforts to create such networks.

Working together, they seek to amplify the voices of the public in shaping media and telecommunications policy. The Media and Democracy Coalition was founded in 2005 by the nation's leading public interest media reform and telecommunications advocates. Its role is to facilitate collaboration among diverse organizations; help build organizational capacity to increase the number of groups working to reform our media landscape; share information and resources; and create opportunities for joint mobilization on key media reform policies. 

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