Saturday, September 10, 2011

Abellon Clean Energy Limited


Abellon CleanEnergy is an integrated sustainable energy solutions provider with a vision to contribute to clean energy generation through focus on bio energy, including bio pellets, bio fuels, bio power, and other forms of clean energy generation. Abellon's core purpose is to increase energy access globally in a sustainable manner.
Abellon has a portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies and a range of products and services, which together can meet the demands from the industrial, public and commercial sectors, as well as the community on a large scale. Driven by a set of core values Abellon is charting its course in the global renewable energy sector with a strong focus and presence in the bio energy segment.

Abellon is a founder-member of the BioEnergy Council of India (BECI) an organization established to promote and coordinate the development of the BioEnergy industry in India. Abellon currently produces 65,000 tonnes of biomass pellets a year, avoiding around 110,000 tonnes of CO2. 

It is the winner of Ashden International Award for Sustainable Energy 2011 and has won Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award two years in a row.

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  1. we desperately need a conventional energy....