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Lahore Conspiracy Case


Bhagat Singh formed a small group of three members, namely, he him­self, Sukhdeva and Bijoy Kumar Sinha, which began to think as to how best to realize the aims of their party by utilizing this very trial. They determined that the whole proceedings should be so conducted as to best serve to propagate their ideas, aims, objects and methods. 

Man acts only when he is sure of the justness of his action, as we threw the bomb in the Legislative Assembly.
~ Bhagat Singh Quotes

Whenever any opportunity arose for demonstration, the undertrials never let it slip., Thus, there were demonstrations in the open court on the "Kakori Day", "Lenin Day", "First May", "Lajpat Rai Day", and on particular occasions such as the death of Shyamaji Krishna Varma, the death of a political prisoner due to hunger strike in Hungary, and such others.

One memorable event in the course of the trial in the Magistrate's court was the attempt to handcuff the prisoners in the court. Bhagat, Singh and others at once determined that, come what may, they would never attend the court unless the order was rescinded. The police authorities after succumbing to all torturous methods submitted a report, to which the jail authorities concurred, that it is possible to beat the revolutionaries and even kill them, but it was not possible to bring them to court. As a result, the Magistrate had to rescind his order. crushing individuals, they cannot kill ideas.
~ Bhagat Singh Quotes

The Lahore Conspiracy Case gained un­precedented publicity throughout India, and even beyond India. A lady from Poland sent a remittance with a request that detailed proceedings might be sent to her regularly. Donations came from Japan, Canada, and even distant South America. As the Government began to perceive the tremendous effect the Lahore Cons­piracy Case trial was having on the youth of the country, they felt nervous and began to think a way out of it. Ultimately they hit upon the Lahore Conspiracy Case Ordinance. 

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