Thursday, September 29, 2011

Educate to Empower

Education is going to play a big and deciding role in development of any economy in the current information and knowledge age. E2E is a group of motivated and enthusiastic youngsters who have come together to work on a common objective of sustainable and meaningful development of this country. They have started with an important aspect – education, which plays the most important role in the development of any nation. Their main aim is to provide solutions and services to schools at primary, secondary and higher secondary levels. The service is also available for the entrepreneurs or community who want to build a school from scratch. 

Their vision is to create an effective education system that improves on the existing system and provides better opportunities to the young citizens of this country. Through their initiative, they want to create schools which will be structurally based on the existing education system of India but conceptually different in the sense that the stress would be on learning rather than just scoring.

They are working to provide effective education at an affordable price for the masses, create a large number of skilled people who can work in the current knowledge society, empower the students with knowledge, value system and technology so that they are capable enough to solve the problems existing in the society and can lead it towards sustainable growth, develop centres which will train the teachers to deliver effective education and also do continuous research to find out and work on the shortcomings of the existing education system, etc. 

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  1. true...we desperately need good education system...great initiative...

  2. One of the areas wherein we all need some learning is in the field of environmental awareness training. We all need to do something about what is happening (or what we have done) to our environment.