Monday, September 5, 2011

Cluny Convent Opportunity School

Teacher's Day Special

Reporter: Ramya Ajay

Cluny Convent Opportunity School was started in June 1982 with seven children. It is integrated with Cluny Convent High School. At present, there are 60 students between the age group of 6 - 15 years who are divided into academic group, non-academic group and the national open school exam group.

The school provides special children the ability to communicate well, to help them and to be independent. Basic vocational training is also provided. The primary aim of educating the mentally retarded children is to make every child reach his or her maximum potential and to make each one as independent and socially acceptable as possible. The school helps to mould these youngsters to live a full life in the modern society as worthy citizens. 

The curriculum is planned and taught through meaningful and varied educational activities. Apart from reading, writing, number concept, time and money value, the children are given all-round formation. To develop Gross Motor and Fine Motor skills, children are engaged in games, sports, yoga & cultural events. They are given training in self help skills, social skills, prevocational skills, recreational skills, arts and crafts etc.

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