Sunday, September 11, 2011


REPORTER: Soubhik Chakrabarti

Ms. Shachi Singh, founder of Ehsaas, many years ago saw a poor boy in ragged clothes trying to sell her a bottle of mineral water. This was one of her first inspiration to change things. She wanted the children to study and enjoy their childhood rather than face inhumanity. From then, her efforts have catapulted the Lucknow railway station from child labor and police atrocities on the children. She opened a NGO called Ehsaas in 2002, and her Ehsaas team has ensured Charbagh railway station has become the first station in the country to be declared child labour free.

Ehsaas focuses on children who live on footpaths and railway stations with an intention to improve their quality of life and also help them lead a life free from police fear. It’s one of the objectives is to create consciousness among the people about the violation of rights of children. And its vision is to be instrumental in creating a society and systems that are child friendly and protective.

Ehsaas came into being with a group of individuals and organisations coming together, committed to make meaningful social change. The organization has representation of individuals from the government, corporate and social development sector. Ehsaas has a strong belief that community participation would bring the desirable change in our society.

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